Steel Fabrication

CBS can fabricate a large variety of steel products from small benches & gates, to mezzanines and warehouses:

  • Stainless steel benching
  • Integrated stainless steel sinks & troughs
  • Gates, balustrades, handrails, fencing & screens
  • Mezzanine structures of all sizes
  • Stairs, platforms & ladders
  • Steel patios, lean-to structures, sheds, and warehouses of all sizes
  • Steel wall & roof sheeting
  • Steel shelving
  • Steel beams & gantry beams
  • Steel doors & frames – pedestrian access, roller doors, and warehouse access
  • Steel walkways & elevated work platforms
  • Steel security cages
  • Steel grating & lids

Where required, we can provide Engineering plans & certification of steel structures, and undertake modifications to your existing steel structures.